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AUTOSHIP on the headlines! Jason McFarlane R&I Manager at Kongsberg Maritime interviewed by HORIZON: The EU Research & Innovation Magazine


Moving more goods from road to water is currently held back by labour shortages. “Automated or semi-automated shipping, which requires fewer people aboard vessels, could help expand the capacity of Europe’s shipping industry”. This is the focus of the latest article by HORIZON, which selected AUTOSHIP as a successful story of the European research on automated shipping.

In the interview, Jason described the technologies, the aims and the goals of the project, and also explained the benefits that the automated ships will provide: “One is to increase the attractiveness of water-based transport, where labour can often be a significant proportion of operating costs. Another is to reduce road traffic and cut emissions. […] Automated ships could also sail more efficiently than if they had human operators, optimising for engine power and speed”.

Such a huge recognition for AUTOSHIP and the whole consortium, and also a great opportunity to boost project dissemination and to network with other H2020 initiatives!

Read the full article here.