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Establishing European leadership in autonomous shipping


Autonomous ships, equipped with cutting-edge systems capable of making decisions independently, promise remarkable fuel and crew efficiencies.

The AUTOSHIP project, led by Marco Molica Colella from CiaoTech – PNO Group, has successfully demonstrated these innovations on two vessels, achieving key milestones towards zero-emission shipping.

With comprehensive digital upgrades and successful pilots in short sea shipping and inland waterways, AUTOSHIP paves the way for a greener maritime future.

Moving forward from the project’s achievements, next steps will include further refining autonomous shipping innovations, and increasing their application within the maritime industry. To achieve this, new projects have been launched to build on AUTOSHIP’s successes.

One such EU-funded project, called SEAMLESS, will focus on enhancing autonomous shipping technologies such as remote control.

Another EU-funded project, called ReNEW, will introduce an innovative autonomous barge, the ZULU X-barge, to demonstrate resilient inland water transport through digitisation.

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