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Great success for Eidsvaag Pioneer and Zulu 04 demos and test runs!


An important milestone has been achieved with the demonstrators events and test runs of Eidsvaag Pioneer and Zulu04, the two business cases of the Autoship project.

The research carried out in the frame of Autoship is allowing the industry to respond to the triple challenges of zero emission transport, real modal shift and the looming workers shortage crisis.

We extend our heartfelt gratitude to our exceptional lineup of speakers who expertly guided us through this transformative journey.

Eidsvaag Pioneer test run, Alesund (Norway), May 25th, 2023

Anette Bonnevie Wollebæk
Geir Håøy
Thoralf Ruud
Marco Molica Colella
Knut Eilif Husa
Henrik Foss
Helene M. Rangnes
Tor Johan Vatnehol
Jostein Nymoen
Arto Teinilä
Bjørnar Vik




Zulu04 test run, Bornem (Belgium), June 1st, 2023

Marco Molica Colella
Sim Turf
Antoon Van Coillie
Wenche Andersen
Gunnar Pedersen
Per Strand Sjaastad
Krista Maes
KONGSBERG Autoship project Team

Through the demonstration of autonomous technology, we are not only shaping the future of autonomous ships, but also spearheading a complete transformation of the maritime industry.