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Revolutionizing Maritime Excellence: Achievements of the Autoship Consortium in Advancing Autonomous Navigation and Sustainable Shipping Practices


The Autoship project has successfully revolutionized the maritime industry by testing and developing fully autonomous navigation systems, intelligent machinery systems, self-diagnostics, prognostics, and operation scheduling. It’s all about pushing the boundaries of what’s possible on the high seas.

 The research conducted within the framework of Autoship is enabling the industry to address the triple challenges of zero-emission transport, real modal shift, and the looming workers shortage crisis.

 Through the demonstration of autonomous technology and the cutting-edge display of our fully autonomous vessels – Eisvaag Pioner and Zulu04 – we are not only shaping the future of autonomous ships but also spearheading a complete transformation of the maritime industry, propelling us into the future of shipping.

 A special shoutout to the amazing Autoship consortium: 10 experienced partners coordinated by CiaoTech – Gruppo PNO – who ensured a seamless integration of multidisciplinary roles crucial for various aspects of the project, including KET development, testing, manufacturing, environmental/cost/social life cycle analysis, and logistics.

 Discover more watching our brand-new project video.